The Power of “the Power of Vulnerability”

I’ve been at my computer watching some exciting and relevant internet material and wanted to share my favorite, Bene Brown’s TED talk on “The Power of Vulnerability”. She’s a social scientist and has been conducting research into people’s ability to feel connected and is reporting back to the tribe that, guess what, shame causes a disconnection. (She’s also funny and fun to watch which is amazing for someone whose reporting on research). The underpinnings of shame, she says, is our lack of belief in ourselves or, as she calls it and I have heard it called before, the phrase “I’m not good enough” (replace with, I’m too old, as I find myself approaching sixty).

Whole hearted people have the courage to do three things: 1) ride on long bike rides with people who have much faster bikes and are always “passing on their left”. Wait, no, that’s my definition.

Here’s hers:

1) tell others who you are with your whole heart, including the truth. Another way, I think of saying “being authentic about being inauthentic”.

2) be compassionate, and that includes with yourself. (doesn’t that immediately knock out number one. I mean, really, telling the truth about yourself and being compassionate towards yourself seem contradictory or is that just me?)

3) Embrace your vulnerability. (I like to think of sexy movie stars when I think of this one, people like Julia Roberts who looks so hot with tears in her eyes.)

“Let ourselves be seen” is Bene Brown’s battle cry. “I am enough” she claims for herself and us. “Practice gratitude. Lean into joy.” Such inspirational advice.

So today, just to test ride my new vulnerability, I thought I’d share a joke I wrote in my head while riding in a downpour on the back country roads of rural Minnesota.

“What did the chicken who was crossing the road say to the girl who was riding her bicycle?”

“Get out of my way, bitch, or I’ll call the cocks.”

One tough chicken. I’m inspired.


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