A Day of Light, Your Lucky Day, Friday, May 13th

I posted the Mary Oliver poem as a gift to everyone who has been reading my posts and also because today I will be biking my longest run to date, forty miles, and I needed something inspirational. I love that idea, “Make of yourself a light.” It can be done anytime anywhere. Yesterday, when I was walking my bike across a narrow bridge where construction workers were working on expanding the pathway, I had a friendly chat with the workers. They asked me if it was more or less exercise when I walked my bike and I said I figured it was more because I can’t coast when I’m walking my bike. They laughed. A simple, friendly exchange because really, what I was thinking at the time was, wow, thanks to you guys, this narrow biking bridge will be wider and what do you think as all us hoity toity bikers in our fancy bike clothes and helmets looking like aliens from the planet Bikeshop ride across your bridge on our bikes completely ignoring your sign that we walk our bikes while construction is going on. Who do we think we are that we can’t keep a simple rule like that. Do we even see you half a dozen men with your jackhammers and shovels and machines working while we play?

That’s what I was thinking and wondering about and then we had this friendly exchange and I felt human again and got on my bike and rode the remaining five miles of yesterday’s twenty mile ride feeling connected and happy. If I didn’t have those occasional conversations along the way, with construction workers and coffee shop clerks and the handful of friendly bikers who occasionally nod and smile in return to my smile, what, really, would be the point of pedaling? I ask you, what would be the point of pedaling, if not to “make of yourself a light.”


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  1. Sharon Parker
    May 14, 2011 @ 00:07:56

    Very nice post, lovely thought. I enjoyed the Mary Oliver poem, too. Sorry about your falling yesterday, but glad you didn’t get hurt. I have fallen on pavement when my bike tire got caught in a rut and banged up my hand and fractured a tooth (a few years ago now), so I felt quite anxious for you when I read that title about falling, and then relieved it wasn’t one of *those* kind of falls. It appears that all your bike-riding has been a good stimulant for your thoughts and writing!


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