romance, love, sex, and marriage at sixty

That is the theme for the screenplay I am currently working on entitled “Monkabeans” (see earlier posts): romance, love, sex, and marriage….at sixty.

I’ve been doing my research!!! Won’t go into all the details of that, but am watching romance and romantic comedies like “Moulin Rouge”, “Lightness of Being” and many more (my favorite movie genre, really). I also attended Elizabeth Gilbert’s (Eat, Pray, Love) reading of her new book, “Committed”, but left a bit skeptical. How long has she been married exactly? Six months in this new one. Don’t get me wrong, I wish her the best. I also intend to take a look at her book in which she did some research on marriage, but try being in a marriage for over twenty-five years and then tell me what marriage is about.

Of course, I fully support her stand for same-sex marriage; and I touch on that in my screenplay. But as I said, my screenplay is about being married for a long, long time and sustaining a relationship of passion and romance, even as you discover and uncover some of the not so beautiful parts.

I have seen “On Golden Pond” but that was a long time ago, when it wasn’t so relevant to me.

There’s still plenty of other movies to see, I suspect, some books to read, some blogs to discover on the topic. The topic of same-sex marriage is, of course, sexier right now, as it should be. But I can’t help but wonder, what is this marriage thing people are fighting for? What are the promises of life-long companionship.

Any and all comments are welcome.


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