an “Aha” for the “A ha” or how to write comedy

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, A Toltec Wisdom Book by Don Miguel Ruiz says to “not take things personally.  I would like to add, especially the things you tell yourself about you! If you can manage that, then you’ve got some great material for your “a ha moments”.


I get the most laughs from people when I am self-deprecating.  And man, have I got the material for that.  It’s all there: age, sex, bad hair days and stupid remarks. Yes, I am masterful at putting myself down.  I’ve had years and years of practice. (I am past the half century mark).

Now I just need to be objective about it.

So this year, I am writing a screenplay, a romantic comedy.   It is probably too autobiographical but I find I am more motivated to write about me as a character than pretty much anyone else.  Woah!

(Once again, mustn’t take my remarks about me personally!).

Back to the main character, Lou.  She’s getting up there in years, approaching sixty. She’s been married to the same guy for over twenty-five years and she’s struggling a little with that, with finding the spark in her marriage.  Thus, she’s on the prowl, sort of. Along comes a ghost, Bebe, a former Miss America from Minnesota.  She and Lou cross paths so to speak and in the process, Bebe teaches Lou a very important lesson about love!

Look for it in your local theatre in 2012! It’s called “Monkabeans” after the haunted massage parlor turned coffee shop.


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