Hello world!

Being in the world, not of it, that’s me.  What that means exactly I am not sure but I think it has something to do with participating in life, instead of sitting back and passing judgement.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t sit back sometimes, especially on days like today when there’s a fire in the fireplace and six inches of snow on the ground here in the Minnesota River Valley, south of the Twin Cities.

I have to say though that I find myself overwhelmed with what’s available on the internet.  I feel like a kid in a candy store.  And so much of it is free (or seems free, though that’s for another blog) like this fabulous design for my blog and my blog in general, thanks to WordPress and thanks also to Writer’s Market VIP program where I viewed their webinar on social networking for writers who wants to write, read, and be read.

The challenge for me now is to discover what readers and writers want to read.  Stories, right?

So here’s the greatest story I heard recently from the owner of the coffee shop I regularly attend (kind of my office, really).  His mother contacted the bishop to save his hand from amputation!  Don’t you love it.  As Holden Caufield said in “Catcher in the Rye”, “All moms are just a little insane.”  But sometimes we’re insane in surprising and inspiring ways.

Time to head out to the Mall of America to hear my husband sing Christmas carols (he’s Jewish).

You gotta love this crazy world a little!

On the way to hear Christmas carols at the mall.


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